TrustCor is focused
to develop a suite of
simple to use,
privacy enabling
products and services
Protect your digital privacy from advertisers,
cyber-criminals, businesses and governments!
TrustCor's vision is to provide state-of-the-art, simple to use, privacy enhancing products and services for businesses and individuals. Using our privacy and security suite, certificate authority, global infrastructure, geo-jurisdiction advantage, and extensive expertise, will protect your digital footprint. helps you protect your online identity by providing you as many email addresses as you need, and keeping your true email address private. You control what mail you receive or block - making it difficult for others to track you down, market to you, or steal your identity.

TrustCor has been working for the last two years with software and device manufacturers and WebTrust-certified auditors to develop our own globally trusted certificate authority. We already use this certificate authority to guarantee encryption key material security between elements of our own infrastructure. Soon we will have the ability to dynamically generate secure email encryption certificates for all of your email identities, again providing privacy-enhancing value and making a one-stop service for protecting your communications.

We are excited to be in private beta. Please visit and sign-up for an account today!


Encrypt the Internet

TrustCor is a Certificate Authority. Your sensitive information, identity, passwords, and a significant amount of your Internet traffic, are being tracked and attacked by cyber-criminals, companies and governments. It is not safe in Switzerland, Germany and especially not in the United States. TrustCor meets independent standards for issuing and managing digital certificates. Our plan is to leverage this capability to further advance SSL/TLS adoption around the world -- from one of the most strict and protective privacy jurisdictions in the world.

Legal Geo-Jurisdiction

TrustCor is a Panamanian registered company, with technical operations on the Island of Curaçao – one of the most secure, privacy oriented jurisdictions in the world. We spent significant time and money researching secure jurisdictions and determined traditional safe havens such as Switzerland and Luxembourg do not even come close to the protection offered by Curaçao’s strict privacy laws.

Protection of Privacy

TrustCor is dedicated to protecting privacy and freedom of speech. Privacy is under attack worldwide. Your use of technology is not private. Search engines, governments, and thousands of companies monitor, intercept, collect and sell your information. In the United States, the "NSA files" revealed new and real threats to privacy and democracy. Inspired by recent events and the current state, TrustCor began researching and developing innovative and simplified methods to offer the highest levels of Internet privacy and security.